Our Story

It all began when our founder received a gift card in the post as a refund.

It seemed obvious that, as opposed to the expensive and slow process of posting a paper gift card, this process should be instant and therefore digital. Surely that would be a better experience for businesses and customers? Since that wasn’t the case, WeGift was created with one purpose, to make gift cards the best pay-out and marketing tool for businesses.

To do this we would offer one frictionless platform that would enable value to flow seamlessly between retailers, corporates and consumers.

What we do

We build products which enable businesses to take advantage of the benefits of digital gift cards. We are continually busy developing an ever-increasing set of tools that make buying and selling gift cards simple and seamless at scale.

Why we do it

We see a world where gift cards are transformed into the digital currency of choice for a new generation of businesses, and help them save time, see more profit but ultimately and most importantly, build better relationships between businesses and their customers.

Emerging Payment Award

WeGift is delighted to be announced as the winner of the EPA's Best Incentive Card or Programme award for WeGift Flow. 

This award is a testament to our attentiveness to our customers’ needs and our obsession with user experience. 

We’re thrilled to be recognised as having delivered the best in class ecommerce product, by enabling retailers to service their customers with a market leading offering.

Our Team

Sara Chapin

Finance Manager

Adam Hobbs

Managing Director, UK

Swati Deshpande

Lead Tester

Atta Rehman

Chief Technical Officer

Greg Poling

VP Strategic Partnerships - US

Aidana Baimukhanova

Business Development

Will Pimblett

Product Manager

Aron Alexander

Founder & CEO

Freddie Ross

Account Manager

Shakil Dowla

Sales Executive

Amadeusz Zolnowski

Software Developer

Ted Johansson

Software Developer

Danny Waite

Junior Developer

Valerio Rizzo

QA Engineer

Our Investors

Alex Chesterman OBE

CEO & Founder, ZPG Group

Charles Songhurst

Ex-Director of Strategy, Microsoft; Founder, Katana Capital

Paul Ettinger

Founder, Caffé Nero

Alwin Magimay

Ex-Director; McKinsey Digital

Simon Bird

Ex-MD, Savoo; Founder, Revlifter

Sri Sharma

Founder, Net Media Planet; Founder, Increasingly

Mark Pearson

Founder, MyVoucherCodes; Founder, Fuel Ventures